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Improve Your Finances in 90 Minutes

If you wanted help finding hope and solutions in your personal finances where would you turn? 

If you were picking a coach you to help you get back on track financially would you want to work with a real couple who:

  • has been where you are, 
  • understands,
  • personally overcame huge financial challenges, 
  • lived to tell about it, 
  • restored their marriage, 
  • believes there is hope, and 
  • cares deeply while helping with a non-judgemental attitute?

We're your friends Matt & Lindsay Snowden of We now enjoy peace and live with a passion of serving families who want to get out of debt. We're honored to serve you with a brand new, straight to the point 9-lesson, 90-minute video course designed for families who:

  •  make $60,000 to $120,000 per year,
  •  have over $10,000 in debt (excluding their mortgage),
  • are ready to regain control of their finances, and
  • want to get out of debt for good.

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This Course Is Called Get Better Cash Mileage Will Show You How To:

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Organize Your Finances 

The foundation of taking back control of our finances!


Anticipate Expenses & Fear 

A tool for preventing sleepless nights worrying about money!

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Create A Winning Plan That Lasts 

Make a plan you can agree on and stick to!

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