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Budget Template for Building a Cash Budget System

Budget Template for building a cash budget system.

Using Plan Then Buy’s Budget Template for budget building is easier than you think.

If you are wondering how to build a budget Plan Then Buy offers an Excel-based budget template that will teach you how to build a cash budget system using envelopes. The easy Budget Template is great for those wanting to start a new cash budget system or update their existing cash envelope budget program.

How to use the Easy Budget Template for Building a Cash Envelope Budget System

Chances are, you’ve made most of your purchases on a debit or credit card over the past 90 days. So, your job just got easier. By reviewing your account statements or activity online, you can determine how much you spend and where, by month, and group it into categories like gasoline, food, entertainment, date night, pet supplies, clothing, etc. Once you’ve reviewed and totaled that activity for the past three months, the budget building template determines your average expenses in each category. You decide if the number is high, low, or just right and enter what you want your budget template to be for each category.

Have your paycheck handy as well. You will enter your gross pay (before taxes, benefits, deductions, etc) and your payroll deductions to determine how much money you net per month (after taxes, benefits, deductions, etc). This will show how you are doing at living below your means.

Use the Budget Template to Pay off Debt and Live Below your Means

Budgeting is like a financial diet. If you spend more than you make you go into debt or burn up savings, just like if you eat more calories than you burn you gain weight. The opposite is true is you spend less than you make; you accumulate savings and/or pay off debt.

We’ll provide more posts with instructions on how to build your budget, how to pay down debt, how to create a savings plan and much more. Check out our envelope budget system tutorial on Youtube. Our Products page will offer resources to help you succeed in building a budget and paying with cash.

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Laminated Budget Envelopes – Reusable

Laminated Budget Envelopes are durable and reusable.

Plan Then Buy offers laminated Budget Envelopes idea for cash envelope budgeting for only $3.00 per envelope. Our plastic laminated closing envelopes that are reusable and effective for managing your cash budget. By using these easy envelopes with plastic covering you will be able to stay in budget while keeping your cash organized. If you’ve tried or even considered a cash envelope system, these will make your life easy. Buy a dozen envelopes and write your own category on the front of each. The closing mechanism keeps your cash and change from spilling. The included tracking sheet helps you keep tabs on what you’ve put in and what you’ve taken out if you’d like to keep detailed records. These are actual envelopes that our family uses which helps you see that they hold up well and are practical to use.

Tutorial: How to Use Laminated Budget Envelopes for a Cash Budget

For a laminated budget envelopes tutorial, visit YouTube video of how to use a cash envelope budgeting system with our laminated budgeting envelopes.

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